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Prevenge: Visceral Savagery and Dark Wit

Prevenge: Visceral Savagery and Dark Wit by Robin Ince Alice Lowe has a way with visceral savagery and dark wit. She is part of an informal group of actors and writers who were first noticeable in live sketch comedy and are now creating low budget, independent films that are have more creativity than a thousand CGI minds on multimillion dollar budgets. The key players in this independently minded swamp are Steve Oram, Tom Meeten, Gareth Tunley and Alice. Steve and Alice wrote and starred in Sightseers (directed by Ben Wheatley, who brutally killed Gareth Tunley in Kill List), Steve...

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Raoul Martinez – Book Shambles

Raoul Martinez Season 5, Episode 1 Artist and writer and Raoul Martinez joins Robin and Josie to kick of Season 5 of Book Shambles.  They discuss Raoul’s new book Creating Freedom, have a bit of a debate about free will and chat about the work of Howard Zinn, Rebecca Solnit, Noam Chomsky and more.     Listen iTunes   *   RSS   *   SoundCloud Reading List Raoul recommends: The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn The Triumph of Stupidity by Bertrand Russell Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman, Edward Said, and Noam Chomsky Robin recommends: Creating Freedom: Power, Control and...

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Science is Mostly Wrong, But That’s OK

Science is Mostly Wrong, But That's OK by Dr Kat Arney Doing science is hard. Doing good science is even harder. I know, because I spent the best part of a decade of my life training to be a scientist and ended up a mediocre one at best. Then I realised I was much better at spelling than gene sequencing, so I quit the lab to become a science writer for a major cancer research charity. Since then, I’ve spent my time learning about a far wider range of research than I could have ever conceived of while I...

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