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Nick Offerman – Book Shambles

Actor, humorist and author Nick Offerman sits down with Josie and Robin this week to talk about his new woodworking book ‘Good Clean Fun’ which is out now. But they also find time to get into the joys of fish and chips in Margate, the work of George Saunders, Daniel Clowse and Jon Ronson and why some people are disappointed to find out Nick’s and Ron Swanson’s politics aren’t exactly similar.

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Simon Ings – Book Shambles

Writer of both science fact and science fiction, Simon Ings joins Josie and Robin this week to talk about his new book ‘Stalin and the Scientists’, out now. They also dive into everyone’s favourite science fiction authors including Phillip K Dick, JG Ballard, Frank Herbert and a whole lot more.

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Sarah Bakewell – Book Shambles

Philosophical discussion abounds this week as Robin and Josie are joined by author of, amongst many great books, ‘At the Existentialist Café’, Sarah Bakewell. They wander through the work of Bertrand Russell, Albert Camus, Mervyn Peake and many more besides before arriving at the conclusion that basically we should just all reread ‘The Great Gatsby’ more often than we do.

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