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Blue Dot Festival – Science Shambles Part 2

In Part 2 of the Science Shambles specials from the Blue Dot Festival from Jodrell Bank, Robin and Josie tackle the issue of evolution and bananas before we chat about scientific delight in all things bookish with a bumper lineup of guests. There’s science presenters and writers Dallas Campbell and Ginny Smith, immunologist Sheena Cruickshank, astronomer Paul Abel, the team from ScienceGrrl, impressionist Jon Culshaw and Public Service Broadcasting’s J Willgoose

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Blue Dot Festival – Science Shambles Part 1

Recorded at the Blue Dot Festival at Jodrell Bank, Robin chatted with various people about the great works of science and science fiction. And also some Mills & Boons. Robin and Josie kick things off and then our guests include physicist and professional pointer at wondrous things, Professor Brian Cox, Rosetta project scientist Dr Matt Taylor, space scientist Professor Monica Grady and actor, comedian and science writer Ben Miller.

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Isy Suttie – Book Shambles

Stand Up, actor and writer Isy Suttie joins Robin and Josie this week to talk about her new book, The Actual One. As usual, the conversation meanders through all sorts of topics from stand up to Jane Eyre to poo to Sue Townsend. They also establish a new comedic cliche to replace the tired ‘The differences between men and women’; The differences between Bronte fans and Austen fans. It’s bound to catch on.

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Sarah Kendall – Book Shambles

Comedian Sarah Kendall joins Robin and Josie to talk about her upcoming Edinburgh show and Radio 4 series as well as bringing in a big bag of her favourite books. There’s Jeffrey Eugenides, Kurt Vonnegut, David Mitchell, Ben Moor, Marta Hillers and plenty of others. Also Josie reads us her favourite poem

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Latitude Festival – Horror Shambles Special

Saturday night at Latitude, around midnight, Robin and Josie hosted a Book Shambles Live Horror Special to coincide with the launch of Dead Funny Encore from Salt Publishing. This special podcast includes highlights from the live show as week as backstage chats with some of the guests including Reece Shearsmith, Suzi Gage, Anna Savory and Rufus Hound.

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