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Brain Yapping

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Postcards from the Energy Frontier

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Sifting the Evidence

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The Voice of Space – Marcus Chown

The black hole merger detected by its gravitational waves on 14 September 2015 pumped out 50 times more power than all the stars in the Universe combined. Guest blogger Dr Marcus Chown writes for us.

Vitriola Music

Michael Legge's Blog

White Coats at Dawn

Dr Jenny Rohn's Blog

We’ve Been Strumia’d – Now What? – Dr Jenny Rohn

It’s been about a week since physics professor Alessandro Strumia revealed his flimsily supported “proof” that women aren’t as good as men at physics to a bewildered audience of early-career researchers at CERN. Jenny Rohn's first post for the CSN.

An Inquiring Mind

Ginny Smith Blog

They’re Adding Folic Acid to Flour. So What? – Ginny Smith

This week, the story broke that the UK government would begin adding folic acid to flour, to help prevent neural tube defects in new-borns. As someone who spends a reasonable amount of time on social media, Ginny Smith wasn’t surprised to see there was an instant backlash.


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