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Robin Ince's Blog


Blog in a Teacup

Helen Czerski Blog

Day 25 – Shambles Advent

The last day of Helen Czerski's brilliant #ShamblesAdvent so she's come up with a few sciencey things to play with, if you’ve got bit of spare time today.

Brain Yapping

Dean Burnett Blog

Postcards from the Energy Frontier

Jon Butterworth Blog

Catching Up – Jon Butterworth

Jon Butterworth has been too distracted to write much lately partly due to the demoralising backdrop of UK politics, and partly because he's been too busy having fun with physics and related matters. So here's a catch up from that side of things.

Sifting the Evidence

Dr Suzi Gage's Blog

The Changing Picture of Millennial Teenage Health

In the last few years the news has been filled with reports about young people’s mental health and the growing concerns around higher levels of mental health issues among young people.  But are these levels worse than before, or are these the usual levels of teenage angst?

Lost in a Good Game

Pete Etchells Blog

Dirty Science


Notes in the Guestbook


Autism and Addiction – Tania Browne

In recent years there’s been an increasing demand for diagnosis of adults with suspected autism in mental health services, and there are a few reasons why this might be happening. Tania Browne investigates.

Vitriola Music

Michael Legge's Blog

White Coats at Dawn

Dr Jenny Rohn's Blog

An Inquiring Mind

Ginny Smith Blog

The Moon Illusion – Ginny Smith

Debate has raged about the cause of the moon illusion for thousands of years, and philosophers from Aristotle to Descartes to Kant have written about it. Now Ginny Smith weighs in.


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