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Robin Ince's Blog


Blog in a Teacup

Helen Czerski Blog

Day 25 – Shambles Advent

The last day of Helen Czerski's brilliant #ShamblesAdvent so she's come up with a few sciencey things to play with, if you’ve got bit of spare time today.

Brain Yapping

Dean Burnett Blog

Postcards from the Energy Frontier

Jon Butterworth Blog

Sifting the Evidence

Dr Suzi Gage's Blog

Lost in a Good Game

Pete Etchells Blog

Dirty Science


Notes in the Guestbook


Vitriola Music

Michael Legge's Blog

White Coats at Dawn

Dr Jenny Rohn's Blog

Trust Us, We’re Scientists – Jenny Rohn

In the movies, it’s often the scientist character who tries to warn people about impending disaster – think Dennis Quaid’s paleoclimatologist character in The Day After Tomorrow. But does anyone listen? The latest from Dr Jenny Rohn.

An Inquiring Mind

Ginny Smith Blog

Why I Quite Like Traffic Jams – Ginny Smith

Ginny Smith has a confession to make. She quite likes traffic jams. Not because she's some kind of sadist who enjoys being late for things, but because they provide an interesting window into human behaviour.


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