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Tom Ballard – Book Shambles

Another episode we recorded out in Australia, Robin and Josie are joined by award winning comedian Tom Ballard who brought along a little bag of some of his favourite books to discuss. Terry Pratchett, Simon Rich, Owen Jones, JK Rowling and more are all on the menu.

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Speakezee Ep 12 – Broken Hearts, Shocking Kidneys and Gene Therapies to Turn Stem Cells On

In the first talk Pouya Pour from Bristol University explains his research on using skin cells to generate new heart cells to repair heart disease. Also from Bristol is Amy Burchill who is looking at ways to treat blood pressure via electrical shocks to nerves in the kidney. Finally, Tomasz Dobrzycki from Oxford University is conducting research on the Zebra fish looking to develop stem cell therapies for human conditions.

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Urzila Carlson – Book Shambles

This week we’re diving back into some of the episodes recorded on our Australia and New Zealand tour. This week we speak to comedian Urzila Carlson about writing her memoir, growing up in libraries, dark fairy tales and more. This August Urzila, Robin and Josie all have shows on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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