Starts August 28th
Exclusive to the Cosmic Shambles Network

In 1995 astronaut Chris Hadfield made his first voyage to space, aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. So who better to give us a guided tour of this iconic space faring vehicle than Chris himself.

Shot in March at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida with the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis herself, Space Scientist, Professor Lucie Green talks to Chris his work aboard the iconic shuttle and the International Space Station. They discuss the history of Atlantis and how its flights changed the way we think about space travel, what it was like living and working on the shuttle, the effects of space weather on spaceflight and take a close look at the key engineering feats required to make such a vehicle.

The three films will be available exclusively here on our site or on our YouTube channel.

And for those interested in the maths of space shuttle travel, Chris will also be chatting to Stand Up Mathematician Matt Parker on his YouTube channel as part of a companion series which also commences August 28th.

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