The Goodies 50th Anniversary

Book Shambles - Slapstick Shambles Special

Back at the end of January, we recorded a live special as part of the Slapstick Festival in Bristol to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Goodies, and countdown the Top 5 episodes as voted by the public. We had planned to put the episode out this week as a fun pick me up in the middle of this lockdown, but then on the weekend we learned of the sad passing of Tim Brooke-Taylor. We had a debate about whether it was still right to put the episode out this week but have decided to do so as a tribute to Tim, and to remember what a wonderful, talented and energetic man he was, even just a few months ago, before COVID-19. We hope it is the right decision.

So please enjoy this conversation between Robin Ince, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden; The Goodies.

Support the podcast at You can watch other events from Slapstick Festivals years past too. Here is Graeme Garden in conversation with Eric Sykes. 


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