Judy Nunn

Season 6, Episode 2

UK audiences may best know Judy Nunn as Ailsa Stewart from Home and Away, but she is also one of Australia’s most successful novelists of period fiction. She joined Robin & Josie to chat her latest book, Spirits of the Ghan, plus the work of Pat Barker, RM Ballantyne and how to make sound effects with cabbages.





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Reading List

Judy recommends

The Glitter Game by Judy Nunn

Araluen by Judy Nunn

Spirits of the Ghan by Judy Nunn

The Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker

The work of Peter Carey

The Coral Island by RM Ballantyne

The work of May Gibbs

Women I’ve Undressed: The Fabulous Life and Times of a Legendary Hollywood Designer by Ory Kelly

Beware of God: Stories by Shalom Auslander

Robin recommends

Centre Stage by Judy Nunn

The work of Pat Barker

The work of Émile Zola

Josie recommends

Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kästner

The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia by Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot

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