Mark Watson and Ambrose Parry

Live at the Edinburgh Fringe

We lots of specials and time specific episodes towards the end of 2018, so we’ve yet to put out the final episode we recorded live at the Edinburgh Fringe, so here it is! Robin is joined by comedian and author Mark Watson and the new writing team Ambrose Parry, comprised of crime writer Christopher Brookmyre and anaesthetist Dr Marisa Haetzman. They chat about the differences between writing crime and historical fiction, stand up and novels and the best way to seek revenge against high school bullies in your books.

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Reading List

Robin recommends:

The Way of the Flesh by Ambrose Parry

The Butchering Art by Lindsey Fitzharris

On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

The work of Robert Mapplethorpe

Mark recommends:

Bullet Points by Mark Watson

The Knot by Mark Watson

Christopher recommends:

One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night by Christopher Brookmyre

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