Reece Shearsmith Returns

Book Shambles

Tonight the ever brilliant Inside No. 9 returns to our screens for series 7 and so it is that Reece Shearsmith returns to Book Shambles! He joins Robin to talk about the new series, favourite episodes, great horror short stories and more. They’re also joined by horror writer and historian Johnny Mains who, together with Robin, will be editing the third volume of Dead Funny, horror stories by comedians, of which Reece will be contributing. You can support it on Unbound here.

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Reading List

Books recommended this week include:

Dead Funny edited by Robin Ince and Johnny Mains

Cold Hand in Mine by Robert Aikman

Inside No. 9: The Scripts by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith

Now Showing at the Roxy by Harry E. Turner

The Tunisian Talking Ferret by Harry E. Turner

The Hook by Gilbert Phelps

The Clinic by Alex White / Dulcie Grey

The work of Conrad Hill 

The Pan Book of Horror Stories series edited by Herbert Van Thal

I’m a Joke And So Are You by Robin Ince

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