Stephen Merchant and Tim Brooke-Taylor

Slapstick Shambles Special Part One

At this year’s Slapstick Festival in Bristol, the Cosmic Shambles Network team were there across the festival recording all sorts of events we were taking part in for a special series of podcasts. In this first episode Robin chats with Stephen Merchant about the enduring legacy of Laurel and Hardy, their favourite Laurel and Hardy films and some fun stories from a Laurel and Hardy book Stephen got second hand.

In the second segment, as part of a celebration of At Last the 1948 Show, Robin chats with Tim Brooke-Taylor about the show, working with Cleese and Chapman and especially Marty Feldman as Robin regales stories from Marty’s recently found autobiography.

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Pic by David Betteridge


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Reading List

Robin recommends:

eYE Marty by Marty Feldman

Steve recommends:

Laurel and Hardy by John McCabe

Laurel and Hardy films referenced:


County Hospital

Beau Hunks


Pack Up Your Troubles

Get ‘Em Young

Dirty Work

Sons of the Desert

Chickens Come Home

The Sawmill

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