Stewart Lee Returns Again

Book Shambles

Our first ever guest on Book Shambles was Stewart Lee, and with his new book, March of the Lemmings, just released he’s back in the studio this week with Robin to chat about it. Given the new book is about Brexit, there’s a lot of chat about Brexit, finding the comedy in, but also talk of Steve Jones, William Blake, Marvel comics and what Robin and Stew need to do to make sure they remain members of the metropolitan liberal elite…

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Reading List

Stewart recommends:

Shadowlands by William Nicholson

Marvel comics written in the 50s by hippies

Heavenly Visions of Hell by Alan Moore

Robin recommends:

March of the Lemmings by Stewart Lee

Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin


The work of Steve Jones

Beyond Weird by Philip Ball

Why He Matters More than Ever by John Higgs

Alan Bennett Diaries by Alan Bennett


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