Cosmic Superheroes: Women in STEM

with Helen Czerski, Sheena Cruickshank, Suzi Gage & Ginny Smith

Join us in celebrating the ‘superpowers’ of leading female performers and scientists:

As part of a series of International Womens’ Day celebration events, The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, in association with The Cosmic Shambles Network, will be welcoming physicist Dr Helen Czerski in conversation with some of the UK’s leading female science voices; Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Public Engagement Sheena Cruickshank, psychologist and epidemiologist Dr Suzi Gage and science communicator, Ginny Smith. All four, along with others, were part of the CSN’s Cosmic Superheroes, a a unique photographic celebration of the superpowers it has taken for women at the forefront of the worlds of Arts and Science to establish themselves as superheroes in their individual fields. The images can be viewed at

Dr Helen Czerski is a physicist, first and foremost, but she’s acquired a few other labels along the way: oceanographer, presenter, author and bubble enthusiast. A regular on The Cosmic Shambles Network, she has also presented a number of acclaimed documentaries for the BBC and her first book, Storm in a Teacup, which looked at the physics of every day things, was a bestseller. Recently she was awarded the prestigious William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics.

Prof Sheena Cruickshank is a senior lecturer and researcher in Immunology at the University of Manchester. She is a Public Engagement Trustee for the British Immunology Society and a key member of the #BritainBreathing team. Much of her research focuses on studying parasitic worms such as roundworms, flatworms and tapeworms.

Dr Suzi Gage is a a psychologist and epidemiologist lecturing in and researching recreational drugs and mental health at the University of Liverpool. She was one of the leading science bloggers for the Guardian, and now writes for the Cosmic Shambles Network. Suzi is currently writing her first book, based on her award winning podcast of the same name, Say Why to Drugs.

Ginny Smith is a science presenter and writer. A Natural Sciences and Psychology graduate of Cambridge, Ginny performs science shows all over the world and presents a wide range of science content for the likes of the Cosmic Shambles Network and the Naked Scientists. She is the co-author of three DK Publishing books for younger audiences and is currently writing her first solo book which focuses on neurotransmitters.

Date And Time
Fri, 8 March 2019
5:00pm – 6:30pm

Manchester University
Lecture Theatre B, Roscoe Building
Manchester, M13 9PY
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