Psycho-Logical Virtual Book Launch

with Dean Burnett, Rachel England and Friends


8.00pm on Wednesday, 3rd February 2021

February 4th, 2021, is the publication date of Psycho-Logical: Why Mental Health Goes Wrong, And How To Make Sense Of It, the new book by international bestselling neuroscience author Dr Dean Burnett.

But data and abstract information can only go so far. Therefore, for help with the writing of his book, Burnett enlisted many contributors who have their own unique and interesting experiences of dealing with mental health matters.

To celebrate the publication of Psycho-Logical, Dean, along with his regular podcast co-host journalist Rachel England, has gathered many guests who helped with the book to discuss how the science and real-world expression of mental health problems intermingle and combine, and what to do about them. Comedians, actors, teachers, eroticists, and more will share their interesting and informative takes on what life is like with mental health issues, as well as answering audience questions.

“Mental health is a very real everyday issue that affects the world around us and everyone in it in countless ways. Therefore, I set out to find out all about the hows and whys of mental health problems, and what exactly is going on in the brain when mental health goes awry (as far as modern science knows).” Dr Dean Burnett

You’ll be able to watch here on the site on on our YouTube channel for free.

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