The Barbary Macaques of Gibraltar

Making Tracks Episode One

This is episode one of Making Tracks. If you missed the announcement about this new series, have a read, and watch the trailer, here.

The van is not quite ready, but nevertheless Simon Patterson is on the road for the 2022 MotoGP season (accompanied by fellow motorsport writer Maddi Scordia). In between races in Portugal and Spain they head to the Rock of Gibraltar to investigate the maze of tunnels and the local group of Barbary Macaques. And then to find out more about Europe’s only native monkeys, we spoke with Dr Marine Joly, Senior Lecture at the Centre for Comparative & Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Portsmouth.

Marine is a leading expert in macaques and the evolution of primate cognition. Find out more about Marine and her team’s work here.  Follow Simon’s travels and writing here and Maddi here

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