Making Tracks

A Brand New Science Travel Series with Simon Patterson

This is something a bit different for us.  

It’s a year long project for starters. It’s a new travel series looking at the science, history and culture across the 21 cities visited by the 2022 Motorcycle World Championship season. What an odd thing to tie a Shambles series to, you ask. Well hang on. It makes sense. Well, Shambles sense. Let us explain.

Each year highly respected motorsport journalist and writer Simon Patterson covers thousands upon thousands of miles around the globe covering the MotoGP world championship. This year’s season features 21 Grand Prix, the most ever, and heads all across Europe, Asia, Australia and North & South America.  During the six month long European leg of the season, from April to September, Simon almost never even gets home, travelling the length and breadth of the continent from Portugal to Finland to San Marino and everywhere in between, in a kitted out motorhome van. Point being, all of this translates into a lot of down time between events.

The thing is, Simon wasn’t always a motorsport journalist. In fact, his background and university degree is in forensic science. His writing often focuses on the engineering and technological side of the sport and he remains passionate about science. When you mix this in with his love of history, in 2022, Simon plans on taking time out to visit and explore some exciting areas of scientific and historic interest on his travels, chat to a few people on the way and share that journey with us all!

From penguin parades in Australia, to fossil fields in Spain to rocket manufacturing sites in Finland and everything else in between.  Teaming up with the Cosmic Shambles Network, Simon will be bringing us a unique video travelogue throughout 2022.

We have no idea what he might discover. Neither does he. So we’ll also have various members of the Shambles family popping up to give some more scientific and cultural insight into those discoveries too.

There’ll also be some extra bonus content from the series for Patreon subscribers throughout the year because without our subscribers support projects like this simply wouldn’t be possible. And if there’s anywhere interesting YOU know of on the calendar that you think Simon should visit, let us know! We’re very open to suggestions! You can find a calendar of his travels here

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