Live Science Quizzes

A pub quiz like no other

In 2015, Cosmic Genome hosted a number of large scale science quiz events.

Covering the entire scientific spectrum from biology brain busters to chemistry conundrums, science news to science history, even science fiction, we tested Britain’s science knowledge!

Our two major events were at the Q.E.D. Conference in Manchester and then London’s largest ever science quiz at Conway Hall.

We headlined the Friday night at QED with a quiz night hosted by Cosmic Genome producer Trent Burton and featured a special pre-recorded appearance from puppet Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox plus a live demo from Jamie Gallagher from the University of Glasgow.  The winners went home with a collection of books and DVDs from the likes of Brian Cox, Adam Rutherford and Alice Roberts, whilst last place were the proud recipients of one of Deepak Chopra’s books on quantum health…

The Cosmic Genome Quizzicals was London’s largest ever science quiz night taken up both floors of Conway Hall’s iconic main hall.

The night took on the form of a quiz mixed in with a night of live entertainment with questions structured around science talks and demos.  It was hosted by Robin Ince and featured many special guests including Kevin Fong, Helen Czerski, Andrea Sella, Sophie Scott, Simon Watt, Ginny Smith, Jonny Berliner and Alom Shaha.

There were lots of prizes on offer throughout the night and the winning team went home with a huge bag of Cosmic Genome goodies plus premium tickets to Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s Christmas Compendium of Reason show at the Hammersmith Apollo.