Shambles Advent 2018

by Dr Helen Czerski

The 2018 Shambles Advent with Dr Helen Czerski!

There seems to be lots of grumpiness around at the moment, and lots of big-picture hero/villain, black/white, binary opinion stuff. A real lack of nuance. So one of our most regular Shambles cohorts, physicist Dr Helen Czerski had an idea.

As a small counter to all that, she got people to tweet her, @helenczerski using #ShamblesAdvent with pictures of the most ordinary scenes in their lives – kitchens, gardens, roads etc. Then each day she picked one and found some cool hidden science and physics in it and wrote about it on her Blog in a Teacup blog here at The Cosmic Shambles Network.

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Day 3

Day 4

Day 11Cobwebs

Day 12Paper

Day 14Oil Spill

Day 15Candles

Day 17Bananas

Day 19Apples

Day 20Bunnies

Day 21Car Boots

Day 22Frost

Day 23Tyres

Day 24Irons

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