Mat Troy (is a spoken word guru who drew cartoons for a rugby club)

Smart Welsh People with Dean Burnett

Mat Troy (is a spoken word guru who drew cartoons for a rugby club)

Mat Troy is a stalwart of the South Wales spoken word and creative writing scene, but also dabbles in stand-up, screenwriting, broadcasting, and more. He is also a ‘valley boy’ like host Dean Burnett, hailing from the Rhondda, so they obviously have a lot of overlapping experiences.

In this episode, we hear about how Mat was disciplined in school for writing a poem that was too good, the bizarre semi-genocidal qualities of many Welsh myths and legends, how the working class base of Welsh culture may have led to many quirks of the national psyche, the importance of libraries and reading, how podcasts have proven a boon for the modern individual who enjoys learning, and just who would win in a fight between a fictional train and fifty lions.

Mat is on Twitter and has a website. He’s also on Instagram.

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