Matt Morgan (Saves lives with giraffe-based technology)

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Matt Morgan (Saves lives with giraffe-based technology)

Dr Matt Morgan was born and raised in Neath, South Wales, and is now a consultant Intensive Care doctor, so is right on the frontline of the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this episode, recorded several weeks before the Coronavirus situation really kicked off (although it is flagged up during the discussion) we hear about why Matt became a public advocate for better understanding of Intensive Care practices, how it felt to go to a patient’s funeral, the Welsh origins of the theory of evolution, his experiences with a real-life ‘Breaking Bad’ situation, and how life-saving respirator technology, something in the news constantly at present, owes a great deal to giraffes.

Matt’s Twitter is @dr_mattmorgan and his book, Critical, is here. And his appearance on C4 this weekend can be viewed here.

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