A Tour of CERN

with Professor Lucie Green

It’s episode 2 of the three mini documentaries we filmed at CERN at the end of 2017. In this episode Professor Lucie Green takes you on a tour of the entire CERN complex. We can tend to think of CERN as the LHC and some physicists working on that and not much else. But CERN is almost it’s own city, and there’s a lot more going on than you might expect. Lucie takes a look around, sees the first ever WWW server, learns how to make a cloud chamber and a mini detector and lots more.

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Find out how you can visit CERN’s visitor here.

Small correction since we filmed:  The number of CERN users is about 9000 people – the overall number of CERN people – including permanent staff – is 12000.

Special thanks to Julia Woithe, Jeff Wiener, Benedetta Nirta and the team at CERN.

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