Granular Materials & the Rings of Saturn - Science in Zero G: Episode Three

presented by Dr Helen Czerski and Ginny Smith

In episode three Dr Helen Czerski chats to scientists working on experiments with granular materials, stuff like sand for example, in Zero G. Almost everything we know about granular materials assume that there is gravity, because there usually is. But as humanity expands its horizons, there’s groundbreaking work being done on how they behave in different gravitational environments.

There is certain science that just can’t be done in Earth’s gravity and, short of living on the ISS, the only way to conduct these experiments is on a parabolic flight campaign. 

New episodes each Wednesday at 8:30pm and on demand.

With special thanks to the Neil Meville, Rosita Suensen and the great team at the European Space Agency and Anne-Clotilde Duchesne and the equally great team at Novespace for having us as part of the campaign.

Zero G flight footage shot by Melanie Cowan.

Produced and Directed by Trent Burton

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External footage of the Zero G plane courtesy of Novespace

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