LOADS More Performers for Nine Lessons 24 Hour Show!

Nine Lessons and Carols for Socially Distanced People - Midday December 12th

There’s less than a week to go until we bring you 24 hours of live science, music, comedy, performance and more! So here’s THIRTY THREE new performers who’ll be part of the show!

This coming Saturday, December 12th, Nine Lessons and Carols for Socially Distanced People begins at midday GMT and carries on for 24 straight hours. Science, music, comedy, performance and more, and all for charity!

You can donate and buy a virtual ticket right here. We’re broadcasting live from the studios of Kings Place where we hope to be able to welcome a small socially distanced audience too. Tickets are here

Last week we revealed some new names and some of the interactive citizen science projects and other activities you can get involved with during the show as you watch from home. Today we’re letting you know THIRTY THREE more names of people who’ll be contributing to the livestream. And don’t worry, there’s still a few more we’re keeping as a surprise…

And so, here they are, in alphabetical order.

  • Sunayana Bhargava – Poet and Astrophysicist
  • Jo Brand – Comedian and Performer
  • Katy Brand – Comedian and Performer
  • Peter Buckley Hill – Musical Comedian
  • Charlotte Church – Singer and Songwriter
  • Zena Cumpston – Biodiversity Researcher
  • Krystal De Napoli – Astrophysicist 
  • Diesel – Singer and Songwriter 
  • Alexandra Dodds – Zoological Researcher
  • Professor David Eagleman – Neuroscientist
  • Kevin Eldon – Comedian and Performer
  • Dr Tamsin Edwards – Climate Scientist
  • Isabel Felandro – Environmental Project Manager
  • Professor Kevin Fong – Space Medicine Expert
  • Deborah Frances-White – Comedian and Podcaster
  • Mark Gatiss – Actor and Writer
  • Natalie Haynes – Writer and Broadcaster
  • Richard Herring – Comedian and Podcaster
  • Robyn Hitchcock – Singer Songwriter
  • Amy Hoggart – Comedian and Performer
  • Professor Bruce Hood – Psychologist and Writer
  • Lori Hopkins – Puppeteer
  • Eddie Izzard – Comedian
  • Kier-La Janisse – Horror Historian 
  • Stewart Lee – Comedian
  • Seb Lee-Delisle – Laserist
  • Lawrence Leung – Comedian 
  • David McAlmont – Singer and Performer
  • Joel McHale – Actor and Comedian
  • James Nokise – Comedian
  • Ankita Saxena – Poet
  • Ariane Sherine – Comedian and Journalist
  • Nikesh Shukla – Author
  • Professor Kate Williams – Historian 

And set your bookmarks up, and your calendar reminders to BING, the link to watch the show LIVE is now here and below.

It’s going to be 24 hours of chaos, science and fun, and all for charity, from midday GMT on Dec 12th to round out quite the challenging year for everyone… For full information about the show head here

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