We are proud to produce a huge range of original filmed content exclusive to The Cosmic Shambles Network. From feature documentary films to web series, documentaty series, narrative series, short form content and much more. All our videos bring science and culture to our audience in an accessible, exciting and engaging way and feature some your favourite faces from those worlds.

Latest Releases

Bibliomaniac: The Series

Comedy documentary series following Robin Ince around the world as he indulges his intense love of books. Three episodes released so far looking at libraries, LGBTQ+ literature and Robin’s late Dad’s book obsession.

They’ve Made Us

Science panel show filmed like at The RI. Hosted by Robin Ince and Helen Czerski who are joined by two guests each episode to discuss the people, famous or otherwise, who most shaped their lives and ideas. 8 episode series.

Rapid Motion Through Space: An Incomplete History of Speed

Our debut feature length documentary that documents the scientific theory of, and human fascination with, all forms of speed. From the speed of light to land speed records. Presented by Amy Reynolds.

Highlights from the Archive

You can find all our video content on our YouTube channel (except for Patreon exclusives of course!) but here’s just a few highlights to get you started.


A three part series filmed at the Kennedy Space Centre with astronuat Chris Hadfield and solar scientist Prof Lucie Green about the history of Atlantis and the Space Shuttle Programme

The Stonehenge of Particle Physics

Robin Ince visits CERN and goes underground to see the ATLAS experiment for the first time before giving a talk to CERN’s scientists.

Science in Zero G

Dr Helen Czerski takes a trip on the ‘Vomit Comet’ to explore some very detailed research that can only be conducted in a zero gravity environment.

The Quest for Wonder

Six part puppet series for the whole family in which Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s puppet alter egos search the Science Museum looking for Brian’s lost Wonder.

Science Shambles Q&A

Throughout 2020-2021 Robin Ince and Helen Czerski hosted 75 live one hour science shows where the world’s leading scientists answered viewers questions. 

Nine Lessons and Carols for Socially Distanced People

Relive the entire live 25 hour show (Plus the four hour encore) we did during December 2020. Over 150 guests with live crosses to every continent on Earth. Things got mad.