We’ve made a wide range of podcasts covering science, literature, culture and more. Some are ongoing, some are on hiatius, some were limited series, but you can check out all new and past episodes by searching for them on your favourite podcast app.

Shambles podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, RSS, Podbean and most other platforms.

They've Made Us

Panel show about the people that inspired the people that inspire us.

Book Shambles

Rambling discussions with special guests using books as a jumping off point.

An Uncanny Hour

Exploring the weird edges of culture. Patreon Exclusive.

Science Shambles

Lively discussions about current science research and history.

Wife on Earth

Scripted comedy series by Joanna Neary following the exploits of housewife Celia.

Brain Yapping

A neuroscientist and a journalist answer common questions about your brain.

Professor Brian Cox QnA

Live recordings of the QnA’s from Brian and Robin’s first UK tour.

Tips for Existence

Conversations about what gives us meaning in a seemingly meaningless universe.


Bite size science stories.

Smart Welsh People

A Welshman meets other Welsh people to talk about Wales.


Robin and Brian’s musing from various tour vans and airports.

The Stay at Home Festival

Relive the daily madness of the lockdown period Stay at Home Festival with 100s of special guests.

Taking the Universe Around the World

Robin’s tour diaries from the Horizon’s world tour.