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It began with Robin Ince's Show and Tell, then it became Josie and Robin's Utter Shambles, and now it is Book Shambles with Robin and Josie.  But rest assured, everything is as shambolic as it ever was.  Books will be our springboard into our ludicrous and always passionate conversations into literature, science, philosophy, comedy, politics and, well, everything and anything.  New episodes released every Thursday.


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Fay Dowker – Book Shambles

Theoretical cosmologist Professor Fay Dowker joins Robin and Josie this week to talk about the science behind Alan Moore’s work, Émile Zola, Noam Chomsky, the letters of Albert Einstein and more, including quizzing Josie on the Newtonian physics of her butt on her chair…

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Matt Parker – Book Shambles

Stand Up Mathematician and author of Things To Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension, Matt Parker joins Robin and Josie this week. They talk about all things numbers. Best books on maths, books about mathematicians, puzzle books and plenty more.

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Kate Williams – Book Shambles

The Costa Book of the Year is announced this week, so we’re joined by the chair of the judging panel, writer and historian Kate Williams. She chats with Robin and Josie about judging the prize, great sci-fi books, history’s great diaries and the perils of historical accuracy in fiction.

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Johann Hari – Book Shambles EXTRA

Josie and Robin are joined by writer Johann Hari to talk about all manner of things. From his new book, ‘Chasing the Scream’ and rebuilding trust with readers, to the work of Rebecca Solnit, Simon Ings, Peter Ackroyd and more. This is a bonus episode, free to all with no charge to our Patreons.

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Philip Ridley – Book Shambles

Storyteller Philip Ridley joins Josie and Robin this week to talk about his own art, plays, books and more as well as his early comic book influences, reading to escape and the problems with genre. Also Robin and Josie still haven’t read Ulysses.

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