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Browser based version is compatible with all devices and OS’s.  Deluxe iPad App also available in the App Store.


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This app is now discontinued but archive content will be appearing on this site.

Launched in 2013, The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome is a critically acclaimed and ground breaking online science video magazine and app hosted by Sony Award winner Robin Ince.

It is a guide of modern thought, a celebration of how far the human imagination, combined with scientific thinking, can get us.

Cosmic Genome gives you unprecedented access to over a 150 exclusive interviews with the world’s leading scientists and comedians, writers, performers and others who interact with science in their work.

Originally available as an iPad App or Browser based version, subscribers have access to tens of hours of exclusive interviews with the biggest names in science.  All interview and special features films also come with complete typed transcripts, links to referenced papers and more.  Selections from the archive will be available on the Cosmic Shambles site but the only way to access the entire back catalogue, uncut, is with a paid subscription for less than £1 a month.

For now, there will new no new issues forthcoming as we focus on Cosmic Shambles but there is still mountains of content in the back issues not available anywhere else on the web.

The iPad App is no longer available in the iTunes Store. The old version should still work on iPads running iOS 11 or older.

If your device is running this version of iOS and wish to continue to access the archive you will need to take out a separate browser subscription.

A smorgasbord of curiosity; the aim is to spark interest.

The Guardian

It’s beautifully designed, and you could lose hours to all of the stuff packed in there – if you buy one science app, make it this one!

Tech Digest

An impressive range of content, balancing hard science with observational humour.

Know Your Apps

The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome is an app of wonders.