2014 Science Advent Calendar

25 nuggets of science

In 2014 we produced a Science Advent Calendar.  Each day we revealed a new clip that was either a lost highlight from the archives of The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome, or a brand new chat with a scientist talking about their favourite moment of science that year.

All 24 clips are available below as a YouTube playlist and features, in order, Robin Ince, Sophie Scott, Jon Butterworth, Dave Gorman, Brenna Hassett, Baba Brinkman & Heather Berlin, Mark Miodownik, Susie Maidment, Francisco Diego, Andrea Sella, Lucie Green, Roger Highfield, Alan Henness, Adam Spencer, Fay Dowker, Chris Lintott, Lewis Dartnell, Matt Parker, AC Grayling, Lawrence Leung, Ben Goldacre, Dean Burnett, Helen Czerski, Brian Cox and Chris Hadfield.