Salena Godden Returns

Book Shambles

Salena Godden was one of our very first guests on Book Shambles six years ago and now she’s back to talk about her debut novel, the hugely acclaimed Mrs Death Misses Death. She chats to Josie and Robin about the book, discovering female authors in her thirties and the process of writing while walking. 
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Reading List

Books recommended this week include:

Mrs Death Misses Death by Salena Godden

Springfield Road by Salena Godden

Jerusalem by Alan Moore

The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla

Pessimism is for Lightweights by Salena Godden

The Monkey’s Mask by Dorothy Porter

That Old Country Music by Kevin Barry

William Blake Now: Why He Matters More Than Ever by John Higgs

The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds by John Higgs

Others: Writers on the power of words to help us see beyond ourselves edited by Charles Fernyhough

The work of Jean Rhys

The work of Jack Kerouac

The work of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The work of George Orwell

The work of Toni Morrison

The work of bell hooks

The work of Maya Angelou

The work of Alice Walker

The Sound Mirror by Heidi James

The Death of Francis Bacon by Max Porter

Supporting Cast by Kit de Waal

Nudibranch by Irenosen Okojie

Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

William Blake Vs the World by John Higgs

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