JSM Events and supported by The Cosmic Shambles Network and Waterstones, are delighted to be presenting Hannah Fry and Adam Rutherford’s first ever live tour, Rutherford and Fry’s Complete Guide to Everything * Abridged.

We all rely on our gut feelings. But intuition is a terrible guide. If we believed what our minds tell us, we’d all think the world is flat (it’s not even round), the sun orbits the Earth (nope), and that a day is made of twenty-four hours (close but also no).

Now, in their first ever live show, Drs Hannah Fry and Adam Rutherford will show you that reality is not what it seems, common sense is neither common nor sensible, and our minds have evolved to lie to us all the time. They will take you on thrilling journey through time and space, from the beginnings of life on Earth to wondrous aliens elsewhere in the galaxies, from the darkest depths of infinity – via a hypnotised snail – to the brightest recesses of our minds.

Live on stage for the first time, Rutherford and Fry are your inimitable guides to the complete guide to absolutely everything*

*Abridged, and heavily edited, especially the boring bits.

Oct 04 The Royal Institution – Buy Tickets

Oct 30 Norwich Science Fest – Buy Tickets

Nov 05 Bristol, 1532 – Buy Tickets

Nov 06 Birmingham Town Hall – Buy Tickets

Nov 07 Leeds City Varieties – Buy Tickets

Nov 08 Salford, Quays Theatre | The Lowry – Buy Tickets

Nov 10 Oxford Sheldonian – Buy Tickets

Nov 11 Brighton Old Market – Buy Tickets

Nov 16 London Alexandra Palace – Buy Tickets

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