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Welcome to Robin and Brian's Loungecast

Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox are off on a tour of Australia and New Zealand. Nine shows in a little over two weeks means a lot of time in airport lounges. So each time they're in an airport lounge, the two have a bit of a chat. Tickets for the tour are on sale now from here.

Obviously, since these are recorded on a handheld mic in an airport lounge, it's not studio quality audio, so sorry about that. It's part of the charm.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast by any of the episode links below or subscribing at Soundcloud, iTunes or by using the RSS.

Carcast – Loungecast

Very early morning flights have meant a lack of Loungecasts in the last week, but now Robin and Brian are back, with a Carcast as they travel from Sydney to Canberra. There’s show tunes, strawberries at the heat death of the Universe, the physics of Interstellar and more. And if you’re a fan of maths being done live in a car in a loud tunnel, you are in for a real treat.

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Melbourne – Robin and Brian’s Loungecast

Sat in the lounge at Melbourne Airport, toasted sandwiches have been eaten and now Brian is going over some of the audience questions he didn’t get time for the previous night. There’s four dimensional space, queries about Big Bang diagrams and Robin’s most obscure joke. Tickets are still available for the remaining dates on Robin and Brian’s tour of Australia and New Zealand.

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