Carys Eleri

Smart Welsh People with Dean Burnett

Carys Eleri has a working relationship with a sex shop

Carys Eleri is an actor, singer, entertainer, composer, writer, and more. She is known for prominent Welsh language TV roles, but is currently touring her award-winning self-penned neuroscience-infused solo comedy musical show. It was a conversation between Carys and host Dean that sparked the idea for this very podcast, so Carys gets to go first.

In this episode, we hear about the surreal challenges of a rural Welsh school education, how the non-conformist religious culture in Wales potentially led to some major scientific advancements, the practical hurdles of creating a ground-breaking solo show from scratch, the challenges of bi-lingual performing and coping with stress, the surprising dearth of support and recognition for Welsh literary history and culture, and some delightfully archaic terms for human genitalia.

Carys is on Twitter and has a website. Her album is here and you can read about her Lovecraft show here.

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