Nicki Grierson (doesn’t believe Mariah Carey has ever eaten a crisp)

Smart Welsh People with Dean Burnett

Nicki Grierson (doesn’t believe Mariah Carey has ever eaten a crisp)

Nicki Grierson is an acclaimed Welsh food blogger with both French and Italian ancestry, so she’s clearly well disposed to discuss all things cuisine.

In this episode, we cover Nicki’s family history and interesting genesis of European multiculturalism in the melting pot of Port Talbot, Nicki’s entry into food blogging and how the medium has evolved (for better and for worse), what it’s like to be in the centre of a social media meltdown, the best Cardiff restaurants to go to and how to find them, the confusing nature of Welsh cuisine, and express scepticism that A-list diva Mariah Carey is really a fan of salt and vinegar crisps.

This is Nicki’s Twitter: @cardiffbites And this is her blog:

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