Professor Adrian Owen

Tips for Existence
You are the product of a billion experiences you’ve had up to this point. You can tell nothing about a person by just looking at them”. 

Dr Adrian Owen
Tips for Existence Episode 11
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Adrian Owen is a British neuroscientist and also a best-selling author. Amongst an incredible lifetime of work in science he is perhaps best known for his 2006 breakthrough discovery that some patients who were thought to be in a persistent vegetative state were in fact fully aware and able to communicate with the outside world. The subsequent paper, published in Science, saw Adrian received numerous accolades including being made an OBE for services to scientific research. His book on this subject matter, Into the Grey Zone, was an international bestseller.  Adrian is currently the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging at The University of Western Ontario where he has been based since 2011.




Once the meaning of it all was simple, if at times also cruel and/or barbaric. The Universe was made by a god, sometimes omnipotent, sometimes fractious, sometimes both. Now, as we explore the Universe and start to explain ourselves, the Universe has started to lose it single meaning and we have to find individual meanings ourselves. This is Tips for Existence where Robin Ince talks to cosmologists, composers, astronauts and authors about what gives them meaning.
Clips included in the show: Adrian Owen at TedX, The Backwards Brain Bicycle on Smarter Every Day, Somewhere Out There by Tupperware Remix Party, Noelle on Disney+, Jim Al-Khalili on Nine Lessons and Carols for Socially Distanced People, Clip from Behind the Curve on Netflix, Clip from The Prisoner, Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, Steph Curry on USA Basketball’s channel, Brainspotting with Ken Campbell, Clip from the Jane Goodall Institute.

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