Shambles Visits the FOS Future Lab 2023

Robin Ince explores the technologies of tomorrow. Featuring Tim Peake.

Robin Ince visits the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed Future Lab. Future Lab is the home of immersive technology experiences at the Festival of Speed focusing on the innovations, companies and people driving groundbreaking future change. The Cosmic Shambles team were delighted to be invited along this year to speak to some of the scientists and engineers present.


In this episode Robin speaks to experts, including astronaut Tim Peake, about humankind’s plan to head back to the Moon and establish a base of operations there.. Featuring exclusive interviews with astronaut Tim Peake, ESA human spaceflight director David Parker and astronaut teacher Mike Mongo.

Edited and Produced by Trent Burton Shot by Trent Burton and Alice Degrassi Special thanks to Andrew Shephard at the team at Wildfire PR and Hannah Corkish and the team at Goodwood.

For more information about Future Lab visit their site.

ESA animations and Tim Peake in space footage Credit: ESA – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

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