Be Kaiya's Donor

When parents of 5 year old Kaiya found out she had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Leukaemia, their world turned upside down. Kaiya’s family members were not found to be a match, so now they need your help urgently to give Kaiya the stem cell transplant she needs to survive.

If you want to help Kaiya and her family, or others facing a similar situation, here are 3 services you can use in the UK to have your bone marrow stem cells tested:

1. Have a blood test done at Anthony Nolan (you must be between 16 & 30 years old)>

Tel: 0303 303 0303

2. Visit an NHS Blood Donor Centre and join the British Bone Marrow Registry

(you must be between 17 & 40 years old)

Tel: 0300 123 23 23

3. Order a cheek swab test from DKMS online via the link below

(you must be between 17 & 55 years old)

Or contact:

If you’re outside the UK and you want to help, here’s a list of services you can use:

Please follow Kaiya’s story on social media:

Twitter: @curekaiya

Use  and follow the hashtags: #courageouskaiya #killcancer #bekaiyasdonor #saveourlittlegirl


Please join Kaiya and her family in this fight, and help them save her life.

Thank you.