Wife on Earth Series 3

Begins May 4th

Unable to travel about, or get hold of any books, Celia has nothing at all in her life except for the challenge of making series three of Lower Toxborough’s Wife On Earth.

Desperate not to get left behind in the world of broadcasting, Celia and her husband Fred (Joanna Neary and Alastair Kerr from Radio 4’s Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show) decide to review books inspired by their British cleaner’s visits to foreign countries, and whatever they can find lying about on the floor.

Triumphantly, finally, and in spite of the library being indefinitely closed, Celia and Fred are proud to bring you this third series with brilliant new additions to the cast and regular Magazine Programme Specials. In each episode we are treated to –

Cleaner Mrs Coil phoning in her report for Mrs Coil’s Capital Offences.  Fred learning Britpop classics on a ukulele. Local famous actor Russell Nigel’s (Game Of Throne’s Ben Crompton) Thought For The Day with topics such as Real Live v Online and a joyful sea shanty about Benedict Cumberbatch. Oddjob man Stebbo and local musician Centre Partin’ Martin joining in with the regular book reviews (with classics including Melody Maker, The Home Freezer Digest and a weed-killer instruction manual). Celia going into therapy with psychiatrist James Willoughby (played by George Egg).

Oh, and a brand new theme tune written and performed by Heather Minor, who also joins the cast as Celia and Fred’s old schoolteacher. We hope you love it as much as we do!



Joanna Neary originally created her hugely popular character, Celia, in 1997 when a Sussex radio station asked if she could impersonate Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter for an advert for a fee of £10. “I can do pretty much anything for ten pounds” said Jo, rising to the challenge, and after finding it a very fun voice to do, went on develop the character, writing numerous Celia inspired monologues. Celia went on to perform as part of The Cosmic Shambles Network’s Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People, the Channel 4 series Dogface, BBC Shuffle, ITV’s Comedy Cuts and Radio 3’s The Verb. After filming a pilot of a chat show with Celia and her Husband Fred for the BBC, Joanna went on to present a critically acclaimed full length Celia show – FaceFul Of Issues – at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Joanna Neary’s much loved Celia returns to the Cosmic Shambles Network for series three of the brilliant Wife on Earth podcast. Six episodes, weekly from Tuesday May 4th.


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