Life. Telescopes. Jaffa cakes.


2019 Tour

The Cosmic Shambles Network is excited to announce a collaboration with Footprint Theatre on a new comedic play about our place in the Universe.

In the control room of a remote radio telescope two astronomers are tasked with the search for signs of alien life. The job description sounds amazing. The reality is incomprehensible boredom. Night after night they drink tea, compile data and scan the sky, searching for something, someone or even just some meaning in a world, nay, a Universe, we may never truly understand. What if we are alone? Or, hell, what if we’re not? That seems like a lot of pressure for a random Tuesday at 3am.

A comedy that asks how it feels to be lost in the cosmos with only each other and a few half eaten jaffa cakes for company. 

Most performances of Signals will be accompanied by a talk by a leading space scientist. To see who is appearing at which performance, check the full dates below.

Starring Eve Cowley and Immie Davies
Written by Eve Cowley, Immie Davies, Elin Schofield, Isaac Whiting with additional material by Trent Burton and Melinda Burton Produced and Directed by Footprint Theatre and Trunkman Productions

Read the announcement, more about Footprint and the story of how Signals came to be part of The Cosmic Shambles Network here.


Space Week Festival
The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead
Followed by a talk and Q&A by Dallas Campbell
Friday May 3rd 8:00pm
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Cheltenham Science Festival
Followed by a talk by astronomer and Kavli Prize Laureate Ewine van Dishoeck
Thursday June 6th 9:00pm
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Latitude Festival
Henham Park, Suffolk
Followed by an all star ‘Signals From Space’ panel chaired by Robin Ince
Saturday July 20th
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More dates to be announced soon

Pics by Benjamin Thapa