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Learn something amazing.

Each episode showcases three academic experts from a variety of fields, from science to history to art, who will explain their research in less than 3 minutes using language that any audience should be able to understand. Hosted by Prof. Bruce Hood.  For more info on Speakezee head to their site.

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New episodes released every third Tuesday


Speakezee Ep 15 – 4D Materials, the Genetics of Sexual Orientation and Extracting Gold from Waste

The topics this week include 4D materials explained by the engineer Anna Baker from Bristol University, discordant sexual orientation in identical twins from Tuesday Watts of Essex University and the 2017 people’s choice winner of the 3MT finals, Euan Doidge from the University of Edinburgh who explains how he extracts gold from electronic waste.

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Speakezee Ep 12 – Broken Hearts, Shocking Kidneys and Gene Therapies to Turn Stem Cells On

In the first talk Pouya Pour from Bristol University explains his research on using skin cells to generate new heart cells to repair heart disease. Also from Bristol is Amy Burchill who is looking at ways to treat blood pressure via electrical shocks to nerves in the kidney. Finally, Tomasz Dobrzycki from Oxford University is conducting research on the Zebra fish looking to develop stem cell therapies for human conditions.

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