The Stay at Home Festival has now concluded it’s daily shows but we are still running loads of free and Patreon subscriber only livestreams. Check them out here.

During the run of the festival we collected over £30 000 to the fundraiser that was distributed out to acts and venues hit hard by the pandemic. THANK YOU!

If you’re now catching up on demand you can help support us by subscribing to Patreon or making a one off donation via PayPal.

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and loads more!


It is stating the obvious to say that strange days have got a hell of a lot stranger with many people facing confusion and anxiety during this COVID-19 pandemic. Artists have nowhere to play and audiences have nowhere to go to to be distracted. Venues are having to close, gigs are having to be cancelled and festivals abandoned. And so we, at The Cosmic Shambles Network, proudly present The Stay at Home Festival.

We will be live streaming pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day, some of our top podcasts like Book Shambles and Science Shambles as well as presenting mixed bill comedy nights and conversations all without anyone leaving their home. It’s fair to say it might be a bit rough and ready in places but that’s where we’re at with things.

All the shows, for now, will be free to watch because we know a lot of you are worried about the future, and the present, BUT there will be payment buttons (see below) and on the show page each day and if you are able to drop a pound or so into the virtual tip bucket at the end of the show, all profits will go direct to acts, artists and venues who have been hit hardest by having their livelihood taken away.

It’s harder to “only connect” when we are all needing to be at home, but hopefully this will go some way to bringing some happiness and helping out artists too. And there’ll be a way for you to connect directly to us too as we’ll be taking questions live on the show via Twitter on the hashtag #ShamblesStayatHomeFest or you can email them to