Series One Anthology

Tips for Existence
An Anthology of Series One of Tips for Existence


Tips for Existence is a new podcast series exclusive to Patreon supporters of The Cosmic Shambles Network. Each episode is around one hour long and we’ve just finished the first series so we thought we’d put out an anthology sampler, free for all, like we did with An Uncanny Hour.

Our guests in series one were:

* Cosmologist and author Professor Brian Greene
* Artist, astronaut and Earthling Nicole Stott
* Composer, musician, actor and comedian Tim Minchin
* Biblical Scholar Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou
* Physicist and author Professor Carlo Rovelli
* Space Archaeologist Professor Sarah Parcak

This anthology sampler also includes a preview of our first guest of series two, Neil Gaiman. Other guests coming up include Chris Jackson, Ann Druyan, Anil Seth, Katy Brand and more.


Once the meaning of it all was simple, if at times also cruel and/or barbaric. The Universe was made by a god, sometimes omnipotent, sometimes fractious, sometimes both. Now, as we explore the Universe and start to explain ourselves, the Universe has started to lose it single meaning and we have to find individual meanings ourselves. This is Tips for Existence where Robin Ince talks to cosmologists, composers, astronauts and authors about what gives them meaning.
Tips for Existence is presented by Robin Ince. Produced by Trent Burton.​ Background art by William Marler.Robin photo by Steve Best. 

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