An Uncanny Hour - Episode Six
Welcome to episode six of our Patreon exclusive podcast documentary series, An Uncanny Hour hosted by Robin Ince.

In this episode, the final of the first series (don’t worry, we’re already working on series 2) we look at humankind’s long held obsession with UFOs, particularly those that many believe come from alien civilisations. Through popular fiction and films and actual scientific study, why do so many people believe in visitations from other worlds?

Robin Ince talks about his fascination with UFOs and speaks to:

• Author, science presenter and UFO fan Dallas Campbell
• Author and Wired journalist Sarah Scoles, who’s work covers technology, science, and culture of space
• Investigative journalist and lecturer Dr David Clarke who’s research looks at folklore and ‘extraordinary experiences’
• Writer and filmmaker of Mirage Men: How the US Government Created A Myth That Took Over the World, Mark Pilkington
• Philosophy and Religion researcher and author of American Cosmic, Professor Diana Walsh Pasulka

We hope you enjoy and thanks for your support on Patreon.

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