The Cosmic Shambles Bookshop is Now Open!

Offering exclusive signed editions and secondhand treats

It was inevitable at some point surely. But now it’s official. We have a Cosmic Shambles Network Bookshop!

Our online bookshop, which opens today, is our latest exciting venture at Shambles. We’re officially registered as an independent bookseller so not only do all your purchases count towards the official sales charts for your favourite authors but each sale helps support all the stuff we do at Shambles enabling us to put on more show, provide free podcasts and so on.

We’ll be offering all (or as many as possible) of the books from our Shambles contributors and family and every new single book we sell will be signed by the author. On launch we’ve got titles from Robin Ince, Brian Cox, Helen Czerski, Ginny Smith, Dean Burnett, Chris Lintott, Hannah Fry, Adam Rutherford and plenty more! With, of course, more to come too!

Very soon we’ll also be opening a secondhand section, an offshoot of Robin’s Blooming Buzzing Books. We’ll be offering weird and wonderful secondhand titles from the depths of Robin’s attics and the back of Trent’s shelves.

We’ll be posting here on the site as well as on our social media when new titles come in so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Oh, and currently, thanks to the never ending parade of joy that is Brexit, we can only offer shipping within the UK, sorry.

Visit the store and start browsing now! Just click here to throw open the virtual doors or follow the links from the main page.

And of course all the usual Shambles merch is still available here.

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