Sometimes things are just crap. And that’s OK.

Brain Yapping: Battle Damaged

Sometimes things are just crap. And that’s OK.
Series 2, Episode 12

And so we reach the final episode in this series of Brain Yapping, and after 12+ weeks of discussing how the brickbats and misfortunes of life have affected them, what have Dean and Rachel learned?

They’ve learned, basically, that shit happens. But also, you aren’t obliged to find ‘deeper meaning’, or ‘silver linings’, or ‘positive outcomes’ from it. Not every trauma has to have an upbeat spin, and while it’s fine to acknowledge and accept that bad things happen, it’s also fine to wish they hadn’t. The modern obsession with focussing on the positives may be doing us more harm than good overall.

N.B. This isn’t meant as a general review of the series. Thanks for listening. We’ll be with you again soon.

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