National Maritime Museum LIVE Science Shambles Podcast

October 28th 2021

Starting this weekend it’s the Ice Worlds Festival in Greenwich. A festival of polar science and exploration and a rare chance to see Britain’s newest polar research ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough. Or Boaty McBoatface if you prefer…

And on Thursday October 28th we’re going to be doing a live recording of the Science Shambles podcast at the National Maritime Museum. From cutting edge polar and climate research and big ideas to popular science books and documentaries, every thing is open for discussion.

In this special evening event host Dr Helen Czerski will be joined by glaciologist and climate scientist Dr Sammie Buzzard and Polar Climate Scientist researching Antarctic sea ice with the British Antarctic Survey, Dr Caroline Holmes.

Join us at the Parkside Café at the NMM from 6.30pm. The event will start at 7pm. Tickets are just £5.

Purchase tickets here.

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