The Brood

An Uncanny Hour - Episode Three
Welcome to episode three of our Patreon exclusive podcast documentary series, An Uncanny Hour hosted by Robin Ince.

In this episode we look at a film often ranked as one of the most stressful, and frightening, ever made. David Cronenburg’s The Brood. The film barely made an impact upon release but is now thought by many to the be the famed director’s best film.

Robin Ince talks about his connection to film and speaks with:

• Cronenburg fan, author and co-creator of The Fast Show, Charlie Higson
• One of the child stars of The Brood, actress Cindy Hinds
• Artist and author the Midnight Movie Monograph on The Brood, Steve Bisette
• Producer, Horror school founder and author of House of Psychotic Women, Kier-La Janisse
The Brood fan, author, psychoanalyst and Professor of Modern Literary Theory, Josh Cohen

We hope you enjoy and thanks for your support on Patreon.

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