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We are very proud to the announce the launch of


Launch date Tuesday, 4th September 2018


The Cosmic Shambles Network are very proud to announce the launch of their new Blog platform as an important part of the site’s ever-growing investment in new output. The aim of the Blogs is to provide a platform for must read content from some of the world’s leading science writers and beyond, many of whom will be joining the Network from the recently closed Guardian science blog network.

From 4th September many of the favourite contributors from the Guardian’s hugely popular site will be found on The Cosmic Shambles Network.  It is also the intention of the network to encourage hitherto undiscovered members of the scientific community to add their voices to the site over the coming months as they will be commissioning pieces from new and diverse writers.

Contributors will include –

Dr Dean Burnett will be presenting a new blog, Brain Yapping. His previous blog, Brain Flapping, was the most popular science blog on the Guardian’s site with millions of readers.

Brain Yapping will follow on from my globally-popular but now-defunct Guardian Science blog ‘Brain Flapping’. I will use my skills as a neuroscientist, author, sometimes comedian and consistent Welsh person to present a wry look at the neuropsychological aspects of the latest science, social matters, topical stories, or anything else that catches my attention. It will be sometimes stupid, sometimes serious, always informative.”

Professor Jon Butterworth will be presenting a new blog, Postcards from the Energy Frontier, along similar themes to his previous blog for the Guardian, Life and Physics. Jon will be talking about the latest discoveries in physics, and what led to them. Much of this will come direct from CERN where he still spends a lot of time. Jon was one of the key people involved in the discovery of the Higgs.

Dr Suzi Gage will be contributing a blog in the vein of her previous blog for the Guardian, Sifting the Evidence. It will look at the world epidemiology and public health by Suzi and guest bloggers.


Dr Pete Etchells will be hosting Lost in a Good Game which is an extension of his hugely popular Headquarters blog from The Guardian.

“For my new blog for Cosmic Shambles I’ll be focusing more fully on video games. It will look at why we play video games, and what they do to us. I’ll also be taking a broader view looking at why the public debates around technology use and screen time are often so toxic, and what the actual science says about some of the scaremongering things we read in the news.”

Bioarcheologist, Dr Brenna Hassett will be presenting a regular blog titled Dirty Science in which she or invited guests will write about the digging sciences: archaeology, geology, palaeontology and anything in between. Tales of digging shit up.


Ginny Smith takes a personal look at the science she encounters on her day to day life, in An Inquiring Mind, whether that is the breaking science news stories of the week or discussions with friends. New to Cosmic Shambles.

“Like a toddler that never grew up, I’m always asking why, on a quest to understand the science of the world around me. With a background in psychology and neuroscience, I am fascinated by people and why they behave the way they do, although I am also easily distracted by other areas of science. Especially if they are fluffy. Or shiny. Did you know some diamonds fluoresce under UV light?! Well they do! If you are the sort of person who is now planning to get hold of a UV light to check your/ your friend’s/ your great aunt Mildred’s engagement ring, I think you will enjoy my blog!”

Many other popular writers including Dr Jenny Rohn and Cmdr Chris Hadfield will also be providing exciting and innovative content as the Blog evolves in the coming months. 

Trent Burton, Co-Director of The Cosmic Shambles Network said:

“Our aim at CSN has always been to promote curiosity to share interesting ideas by enthusiastic and passionate people, so we are delighted to launch our new Science Blog platform, both to welcome a number of hugely popular and established voices to make their home on our site and to provide a friendly, natural go-to space for the science writers of the future.”

Other Blogs already available or soon to be available on The Cosmic Shambles Network

Also, a previous blogger for the Guardian, Dr Helen Czerski will be sending regular reports from the icebreaker Oden on an eight-week research expedition to the North Pole.

“The aim of my blog will be to have a look behind the scenes at how a human (or 60 of them, in this case) deals with being parked up at the top of the world for eight weeks.  Last time around, even my Mum thought I’d gone mad when the biggest storm hit. I’m pretty sure we’ll all go just as potty this time, even though we’re certainly not expecting any stormy seas”.

Post expedition Helen will continue to blog about the physics and science behind every day things.

Robin Ince’s Blog features Robin’s random musings on news, politics, life, art, science, books, films, touring, horror and whatever happens to be on his mind.


Michael Legge will be contributing a unique take on the world of music and what we subject him to listening to.



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