Cosmic Superheroes

Cosmic Superheroes

A photographic celebration of real-life female Superheroes

The Cosmic Shambles Network are proud to present Cosmic Superheroes, a unique photographic celebration of the superpowers it has taken for women at the forefront of the worlds of Arts and Science to establish themselves as superheroes in their individual fields. You can visit the full exhibition at Conway Hall in London until the end of January.

About the Exhibition

Trent Burton and Melinda Burton, two of the Producers of The Cosmic Shambles Network, came up with the idea for Cosmic Superheroes during a conversation with colleagues at the time of the launch of the movie of Wonder Woman.

Trent explains:

“There was a lot of talk about how it was great to see a female superhero, and a big comic book film that empowered the female lead and had strong feminist undertones. And that is unquestionably true, and excellent, but there was also a lot of talk around how she was still clearly required to get about in her smalls a lot of the time.

So I suggested that we ask some of the people with whom we work regularly to come up with suggestions for superpowers that they felt would go into making their own superheroes. They didn’t even have to have the usual superhuman powers if they didn’t want, because we felt that becoming a professor of physics or palaeobiology was a superpower enough.”

Visit the Exhibition

Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL 

Friday, 8th December 2017 to Wednesday, 31st January 2018

Open daily 10am to 6pm



Meet the Cosmic Superheroes

Click View to see the official portrait and watch a video chat with each person about their superhero and work

Josie Long

Comedian, Writer, Performer and Broadcaster

Dr Helen Czerski

Bubble Physicist, Writer and Broadcaster

Prof Lucie Green

Solar Physicist, Writer and Broadcaster

Grace Petrie

Singer / Songwriter and activist

Katy Brand

Comedian, Writer, Performer and Broadcaster

Prof Sophie Scott

Cognitive Neuroscientist and Broadcaster

Salena Godden

Poet, Writer and Broadcaster

Dr Suzi Gage

Epidemiologist, Psychologist & Broadcaster

The Trowelblazers


Dr Suze Kundu

Nanochemist & Broadcaster

Dr Kat Arney

Genetics Writer and Broadcaster

Ginny Smith

Science Writer and Broadcaster

Dr Sheena Cruickshank


Maria Smith

Architect and Engineer

More from the Superheroes

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If you’d like to purchase a print of any of the Cosmic Superheroes, or buy one of our limited edition comic books of the exhibition, contact us below.


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